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Trends in Fine Dining and Catered Events

Everything around us evolves. Our ideas, inspirations, and even the way we spend our days and eat food. Those who choose not to evolve or push themselves or their organization to be better won’t reap the benefit of inspiring consumers and inviting higher profits. The truth is, if we don’t evolve, our competition surely will. Restaurants are no exception to change, if anything, they should be leaders of it. Restaurants are the heart and soul of our physical and social networks. So whether we’re talking architecture, ambiance, lighting, musicality, place settings, or even down to the smallest tableware accessories, it’s imperative that no detail is overlooked and no utensil is left behind.

It’s About the Experience:

Ask any food enthusiast what the most essential thing is in fine dining. The answer isn’t always, the food or the service. Rather, the answer might be the smallest things that either get overlooked or were provided unexpectedly which make a tremendously memorable impression. Catered events are a good example of when going the extra mile really makes a memory. The goal should always be creating an atmosphere that focuses on elevating the experience. Restaurant design is without a doubt changing, and we wanted to share some of our insights regarding trends that can elevate the entire dining experience:

The Table is Where it All Happens:

The centerpiece of any restaurant is its tables. Think of tables as building blocks in a restaurant which give form to the greater function of gathering, connecting, and eating. A dining table with average, outdated flatware alone won’t cut it. One needs to revisit the entire purpose and utility of utensils in order to select the right designs in the first place, as well as arrange and manage them mindfully throughout a user’s experience of them. Today’s restaurant flatware has evolved significantly and we’d love to share what we’ve learned …

Modern Flatware:

According to your needs, modern flatware – which most commonly tends to be stainless steel flatware, yet can also be gold flatware and even copper flatware – can singularly enhance tabletop design. Truly, the most essential and interactive part of the dining experience, utensils are the pinnacle of the dining table accessory kingdom. One must be highly selective when it comes to these accessories as they can make or break your restaurant’s ambiance and your diner’s experience. Taking that experience up a notch, a gold flatware sets can add a level of luxury that is rarely seen in restaurants today. Even more rare, is the use of flatware rests with stunning gold flatware showcased elegantly and safely upon them. Flatware rests are now being recognized internationally as both food safety devices as well as design necessities.

Modern flatware design itself comes in a wide range of choices and depending on the overall design theme of a restaurant, any number of choices can be made. Several factors should be considered when it comes to gold flatware.

● Gold is a color scheme that represent luxury, vibrance, and refinement. The truth is, gold complements everything. The most tasteful approach is often to sprinkle it sparingly, because just a touch goes a long way. This addition of luxury works exceedingly well in fine dining restaurants. Modern flatware such as this gold flatware set encompasses angular curves which would bring an extremely high end vibe to any place setting. Now imagine it elevated elegantly against a brass flatware rest as a compliment or a wooden flatware rests as a contrast

● Silver-toned or stainless steel flatware works well in any dining setting, including fine dining restaurants and catered events. Stainless steel flatware is a long-trusted, maintenance-free flatware style that’s time-tested and has been in use for centuries. A modern touch might include an ultra sleek design coupled up with angular handles.

● As another consideration, copper flatware is popular in two finishes. One is a matte finish which goes very well as an unexpectedly rustic, yet luxe design. The second is a polished finish which is more common and expected. Again, the selection of flatware and the accompanying flatware rests is largely dependent on a restaurant’s ambiance.

Restaurant Supply Online:

Dining Elevated is a company dedicated to helping restaurant owners with improving and up-scaling their restaurant’s ambiance in the least expensive and most effective way possible – with flatware rests. We are partnered with Edward Don & Company for restaurant supply online as well as selling directly through our own website. We offer standard and custom designs for all kinds of catered events and fine dining establishments.

Place Setting Designs and Flatware Rests:

Modern flatware design isn’t the only thing that elevates a truly elegant fine dining restaurant or catered event. All the elements inside your space count when it comes to defining a company’s brand and essence. From the fabric that’s used for tablecloths, to the lighting design, to the effort put into providing napkins that don’t get lint on your diners’ clothing, everything matters. It’s emotional, really, and your restaurant customers will feel every bit of intention and intelligence that you put into their dining experience.

For all intents and purposes, flatware rests are not the icing on the cake, they are actually the foundation upon which all service patterns should be build. This table accessory is the simplest addition to your collective place setting masterpiece, but it can transform and improve the dining experience more than almost anything else. This is because it will physically interact with and psychologically support each and every diner with every single bite. On just the surface level, it embodies an attention to detail that nothing else does. It’s new to diners, and it will stimulate a tremendous amount of interest and conversation at the table. Such a simple, yet elegant item will elevate your entire organization AND your bottom line, because customers will know how much you care about their experience and will come back again and again.

Dining table ideas that make the greatest impact are sometimes about the simplest things. Like we said before, it’s about the experience. A luxury dining table set up is something that will get your guests’ attention in fine dining restaurants and at catered events. There is no limit to achieving that WOW-factor we all look for. Adding a flatware rest can literally take things to the next level.

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