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Marble & Travertine UPLIFT

Flatware Rests

These luxurious flatware rest additions to fine dining place settings truly take service to the next level. Their variegated natural colors paired with honed and polished finishes lend elegance and intrigue to any high design environment. If you're looking to upscale a casual dining environment as well, these marble and travertine flatware rests offer the biggest design bang for your buck. 

Each natural stone rest is hand-treated with a proprietary food-grade sealant. This creates an invisible, non-porous barrier which resists surface absorption of foods and liquids and makes the surface harder and stronger.  All of our stone rests can be cleaned in a dishwasher or can be hand washed in order to prolong the life of the sealant.  Given that they are a natural stone, please do handle with care.  Breakage can occur, if dropped. 

Many people ask how these materials can perform so well in the dishwasher.  When you think about it, though, marble and stone were once molten in the center of the earth, soooo they can take some heat, no problem.  Also, if the lighter colored stone flatware rests do absorb any color from food stains, you can set the tableware accessories in a diluted bleach bath for a few minutes.  This will not affect the stone in any way and will completely remove all stains.  In tests, this cleaning technique worked with tough set-in stains, which included balsamic vinegar, turmeric, and tomato paste. 

For table setting ideas and dining room decor inspiration, please check out the design GALLERY.

    Tip: Having extra UPLIFTS on hand affords the ability to give them as memorable keepsakes 

    to dinner guests at home or sell to curious and enthusiastic patrons at restaurants.

    In these heightened, hygiene-conscious times, everyone will need UPLIFTS to protect their health and to ensure a safe dining experience.

    Product lead time is 30 days or less to manufacture and deliver

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