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Becoming Instagrammable with ONE Tiny Tabletop Improvement

It's so fun to see diners posting their "Ah-ha" moments on Instagram when they discover flatware rests for the first, second, and ... every time. The Voltaggio brothers' restaurant, Estuary, in the Conrad Hotel DC has enjoyed quite a bit of customer engagement with Dining Elevated's Uplifts. One guest even re-created the final scene from "The Fifth Element" by gathering extra Uplifts from around the table and captioning it, "Multipass".

It’s the little details that make customers feel particularly special. It builds trust, loyalty, and enthusiastic engagement between a restaurant and its guests. Diners notice everything. From the moment they walk through the doors, until the moment they sit down to write their blog or yelp review about the experience, diners are the food critics, journalists, photographers, and art directors of today. They’re looking to be WOWED. The investments made in giving them a memorable and elevated experience will pay dividends across all platforms of social media.

It's The Little Things!

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