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Feeling Clean and Civilized Matters.

To Everyone.

At Dining Elevated, we believe that big ideas come in small packages. Take the almighty silverware rest. Also known as a knife rest, cutlery rest, fork rest, or utensil rest, Dining Elevated has taken the very real necessity of Flatware Rests to an entirely new level.  These vital, yet understated items have a giant impact on food safety and consumer peace of mind. 


Who knew that having a clean, stable, designated spot to rest and return our utensils throughout a meal could feel SO important and support diner health and safety so much? Yet outside of the occasional chopstick rest, these essential tabletop accessories are still practically unknown and unused. In our post-Covid-19 reality, though, all diners want to feel clean, safe and protected at the table.


Everyone needs Dining Elevated flatware rests.  

As diners, even prior to the pandemic, we all had a surprisingly under-recognized psychological struggle when it came to where to place our utensils over the course of every meal:


   ● Should I prop them on my plate?

   ● Should I set them down and soil a beautiful tablecloth?

   ● If no tablecloth, how clean is the table surface, really?

Stainless Steel Modern Flatware Rest at the Miami Delano Hotel

The clumsy dance of silverware stashing is arguably the most un-curated and unsanitary element in the world of dining. We've come so far in our foodie culture of today, and this lack of excellence in customer experience and cross-contamination prevention is simply unacceptable.

Addressing these issues with one sophisticated and hygienic solution is exactly what we're inspired to do at Dining Elevated. With a single addition to today's modern table setting, the overall dining experience can be entirely improved and completely transformed. 

Dining Elevated flatware rests also make great gifts for dinner guests,

as well as useful souvenirs for enthusiastic patrons.

Having extra on hand is always smart!

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