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Classic and timeless, like the multi-toned gears of a finely crafted watch, our copper, brass, and aluminum UPLIFT™ flatware rests pair brilliantly with any tone of flatware.  These substantial pieces offer the highest level of design sophistication and lend a rich sense of luxury, with piece each weighing in at between one-third and one-half pound of solid metal.  Your guests will feel like kings and queens knowing that the utmost attention has been paid to elevating their experience.

As stand out pieces which dramatically enhance the overall aesthetic of any high design environment, the copper, brass, and aluminum rests do require the additional care associated with sensitive metals.  Please make sure to understand the proper steps to maintaining the natural beauty of each material.  As a quick restoration measure, a common scotch brite or steel wool pad swept across the surface will easily maintain the hand-brushed finish as scratches appear throughout general usage.  Special hand-washing and drying will be necessary to prolong brilliance.  

For dinnerware and dinner plate styles that tend to be lower to the table, with less of a rim, we recommend our low profile flatware rest designs.  They are sleek and straightforward.  Instead of resting the neck of your modern flatware on the tableware accessory, you will simply rest the head of the utensils. 

For luxury dining table set ideas and tabletop accessory inspiration, please check out the design GALLERY.

Pro Tip from Experience:  Purchasing extra UPLIFTS now affords the ability to give them away to dinner party guests or privately sell to patrons who understandably love taking them home for keeps!

All of our products are 100% made in the USA and made to order.  Given these eco-conscious quality control efficiencies, our lead time is 30 days or less to manufacture and deliver.  Thank you so much for supporting the planet and our green business practices!

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