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Crew of Tom Hanks' Next Film Choose UPLIFTS as Wrap Party Gift

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

The makers of the film "News of the World", slated for release next year and starring Tom Hanks, selected custom-engraved UPLIFTS as their way of commemorating the filming experience.

We were thrilled to receive the call that had us scrambling to get over 1000 custom-engraved UPLIFTS made in time for the wrap party last weekend! Filming in Dining Elevated's home state of New Mexico, the historical drama took full advantage of our spectacular desert landscapes as well as our ability to deliver a customized product with very short notice!

Knowing the general schedule of Tom's shooting days – and therefore, how many of them I had left to get this order done – it was fascinating to watch Tom pop up on my TV screen each Friday and Saturday night, from either LA or NY, as he promoted his current bio-pic "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood". How Tom found the time ... and perpetually-fresh charisma ... for that, in amongst the few moments he had outside of his NM shoot, was awe-inspiring to me.

Reading the wonderful article by Taffy Brodesser-Akner in the New York Times where Tom references "News of the World" and his time in NM, I felt so proud to contribute to the crew's memory of their experience with him in my small way.

UPLIFTS – and the solid stainless steel low profile rests pictured here in specific – provide such a wonderful pocket-sized billboard upon which to showcase any number of special messages. The promotions, special events, and customized gift industries may very well be the best industries to maximize the true potential that UPLIFTS afford. Our flatware rests are so useful and necessary in their pure outright function, but the added value of layering a unique, meaningful, or branded impression on top of that function is truly what makes UPLIFTS impactful.

Three days before Thanksgiving, I was invited to the last day on set to pass out the gift sets to over 300 members of the cast and crew. As we passed each of them out, it was uncanny how bright-eyed and unexpectedly excited every crew member suddenly became when they felt the literal weight of the products in their hands. Our solid stainless steel, brass, and copper styles feel almost shockingly rich and luxurious. If the producers wanted to make a lasting impression, I'm pretty sure this did the trick.

Not only was I proud to be a New Mexican that day, and proud to see so many fellow New Mexicans working on such an important project, but it was incredible to see the inner-workings of the film business and even sit on one of the stagecoaches on set! It was certainly a day to remember for me, and I hope our engraved UPLIFTS made a lifelong memory for Tom and the crew as well!

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