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Beautiful Design + Functional Utility
Isn't design just glorious?  At Dining Elevated, we honor good design as the origin of all good things. It is our greatest joy and our central mission to provide products that truly elevate the human experience through thoughtful and functional design.  Whether a consumer is trained in the arts or not, all of us know good design when we see it.  The truth is, we FEEL it.  This is because artistic compositions and pattern languages evoke emotion and inspire ideas within us.  Whether it feels provocative or reassuring, we are moved by great design
Perhaps the small, yet mighty UPLIFT™ flatware rest evokes a bit of both within diners who see it for the first time.  There's an unmistakable "A-ha!" provoked in people's minds and a sparkle in their eyes.  In an instant, they realize that there's finally a reassuring solution to their deep-seated discomfort with eating utensils touching foreign table surfaces.  We all feel this, it's just our biology and our subconscious minds trying to keep us safe and free from illness.  One wonders why this solution hasn't existed before given that it's such a universal concern.  Chopsticks have been getting this kind of royal treatment for centuries with their own chopstick rests.  So why on earth don't our forks, knives, and spoons receive the same degree of respect or artistic levitation?
Clearly, now they will!  Uplift flatware rests can offer a high design touch to every place setting in every restaurant and home in the world.  Uplifts add an unmistakable polish and pizazz to table settings and luxury dining room sets.  These handcrafted tableware accessories can be mixed and matched.  They can blend in or stand out in the tablescape.  They can be prized as precious jewels on the table or stocked up on and sold or given away to diners who request to take them home!  One thing is for certain, this revelational design contribution to dining tables everywhere seeks to transform our experience of food forever. 
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