Stainless Steel UPLIFT Flatware Rests

Our top quality 304 grade Stainless Steel UPLIFT™ rests are available in two weight options (16 & 20 gauge).  The increasing level of weight and durability is ideal for medium to high volume eating establishments.  These rests are a highly versatile choice in the Dining Elevated collection. They match perfectly with all stainless steel flatware.  They blend well within any environment, and they are nearly indestructible amongst the relentless pace of back of house and front of house management.

In regards to maintenance, our 304 Stainless Steel is the most durable, easy to sanitize, and corrosion resistant material available.  They are unaffected by any acids found in food and are effortless to clean.  All Stainless Steel pieces can be tossed in the dishwasher for sanitizing along with your stainless steel flatware and other tableware.

Stainless Steel is so easy and so versatile, we just love it.  Be aware that your restaurant guests will be in love with them, too.  We highly recommend purchasing higher quantities of your ideal flatware rest style in order to package them for retail sale for your restaurant customers.  I promise ... they'll be asking to take them home, so be ready to make some money on these very special tableware accessories. 

For table setting ideas and even special event decor inspiration, please check out the design GALLERY.

Pro Tip from Experience:  Purchasing extra UPLIFTS now affords the ability to give them away to dinner party guests or privately sell to patrons who understandably love taking them home for keeps!

All of our products are 100% made in the USA and made to order.  Given these eco-conscious quality control efficiencies, our lead time is 30 days or less to manufacture and deliver.  Thank you so much for supporting the planet and our green business practices!

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