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Monetizing Uplifts: Making More Money on Every Table Turn

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

You fancy yourself a trend setter and an industry leader, do ya? You can see what's coming before everyone else does, and you pride yourself on the fact that people love to follow your lead? Of course you do. This is what has made you successful, and it's why your customers come back again and again. So what if being a trend setter not only gave you cachet, but it also gave you CASH, like immediately?

Dining Elevated Uplifts are in the early stages of starting a tableware revolution. The early foodservice and restaurant supply leaders who recognize the game changing effect that cutlery rests are having on place setting design are poised to benefit on so many levels. First, their restaurants are enjoying the free publicity that the eye-catching, Instagram-worthy new tableware gadgets encourage in diners. Second, it communicates directly to customers that attention to detail and hygienics is a top first priority. And third, restaurant owners who have thought ahead knew their dining customers would want to OWN these conversation pieces for themselves.

It's that last one that can actually put cash back in your pocket, in case you're still weighing the benefits that elevating service with Uplifts can provide. As diners discover how useful Uplifts are throughout a meal, they'll likely ask your servers about them. Your servers can then deliver a script on cue which ends with wrapping up a set of 4 or 8 for the table and simply adding it to the bill. In 30 seconds, you could add 30% revenue to the table. Your customers will be thrilled to be the trendsetters at their next dinner party, and you'll be thrilled to make money on these for years to come.

Additionally, engraving Uplifts with your company name or logo can act as in-home marketing, building further loyalty within your customer base. Then, as they pieces are used and shared amongst your customers' friends and family, they'll make brand impressions on an even wider audience with all conversations leading back to where they were purchased!

Our friends at Leonardo's Trattoria & Pizzeria in New Orleans, LA are our newest customers taking advantage of this innovative marketing angle while putting more money in the register! They've showcase their company name on the 4" Stainless Steel Triangle Uplift. Molto Bene!

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