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Flatware rests represent a revolution in table setting design.  The ultimate example of FORM + FUNCTION, these patent pending table service accessories look great, feel great, and perform even better.  No matter what style of flatware you pair them with or what place setting masterpiece you create, UPLIFTS are guaranteed to further elevate the aesthetic of any luxury dining room and enhance the experience of every diner who uses them. 

Whether fine dining, casual dining, home entertaining, or event catering ... experience UPLIFTS only ONCE and you'll wonder how any of us ever lived without them before!  They feel so natural.  It seems so obvious.  The act of lifting up and protecting our eating utensils before, during, and after they go in our mouths is pretty much a no-brainer.  It's just simply cleaner and feels ELEVATED, literally and figuratively.  And we all deserve that, don't we?!

Shop by each material category or scroll through all materials and styles listed together below. 

Try any of our designs with your beautiful modern flatware sets.  They look AMAZING with Stainless Steel Flatware, Gold Flatware, and Copper Flatware.  They truly put the LUXURY in your luxury dining room set. 

For tabletop decor ideas and place setting inspiration, please check out the design GALLERY.

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