Acrylic UPLIFT Flatware Rests

These crystal clear UPLIFT™ utensil rests work beautifully when you need an elevated accent to effortlessly coordinate with or disappear into any tabletop color or design aesthetic.  Dining Elevated's food grade, FDA-approved PMMA acrylic is a strong, durable material with good impact strength.

If you're looking to showcase your modern flatware on a light-reflective, crystalline UPLIFT™ or you imagine almost levitating your fine cutlery above a crisp white tablecloth, this translucent acrylic option is a super elegant way to go. This luxurious tableware accessory is dishwasher safe up to 180 degrees.  It is also easily cleaned by hand. 

Please note that if your restaurant's commercial dishwasher has a heat booster, this may exceed the temperature threshold for the acrylic material. In that case, the material will still hold up and the pieces will be entirely useable, but you may discover a bit of a crackle-effect inside the pieces.  Some customers like this look and continue using the products as is without issue.  Otherwise, keep the washing temperature at the 180 degree mark. 

These are some of our least expensive, most durable flatware rest styles which will literally match any place setting design.  They are simply beautiful and are perfectly appropriate against any tablescape or dining room decor.

For examples of Uplifted place settings and tabletop decor inspiration, please check out the design GALLERY.

Pro Tip: Having a few extra UPLIFTS on hand affords the ability to give them away to dinner guests or sell to patrons who often like taking some home for keeps

Product lead time is 30 days or less to manufacture and deliver

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