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It's Only Civilized




Throughout modern gastronomic history, resting-utensil-etiquette has had few effective and civilized options. Until now, our choice has essentially been to: 1) balance utensils on the edge of a plate, 2) place them directly on a lovely white tablecloth, or more often, 3) set them directly on an uncovered, unsterilized table surface itself.


The truth is, this awkward silverware shuffle is a very real psychological struggle that we all go through every time we visit a restaurant, no matter how many stars are behind the name. As diners, we subconsciously contend with the social stress of not appearing graceful and well-mannered each time we put a utensil down. That veiled awkwardness is then compounded by a deeper psychological stress of avoiding illness and cross-contamination.


"A CIRI research study found coliform bacteria on 89.2 percent of restaurant table cloths tested; E coli specifically on 54 percent.


Tabletops cleaned with such rags were covered with 45 times more bacteria AFTER cleaning than prior to it."

"In 2012, ABC News found that TABLE TOPS ranked just below bathroom faucets and bathroom door knobs as the germiest places in restaurants."
"The CDC estimates that food borne illnesses cause approximately 76 million illnesses, 325,000 hospitalizations, and 5,000 deaths in the United States each year."

While the plate-perch has served a practical, if precarious, solution, the unsteady, rounded edge of our plates regularly thwarts our efforts to keep utensils SAFELY ELEVATED. Inevitably, when our flatware slips off, we hope that the noise and mess went unnoticed by our fellow diners. Setting embarrassment aside, we also wonder for a moment whether the utensil may have touched something that it shouldn't have. We think about switching it out for another, but who wants to interrupt conversation or bother the server for that?


Frankly, while edge-propping feels sloppy, it looks even more so. Yet, no one has created an elegant, all-encompassing solution, until now. Dining Elevated's Premium Flatware Rests are a necessary and permanent addition to today's modern flatware place setting. They compliment every type of dining table decor and table setting design while they protect customers from illness and the restaurant ownership who would be liable for it. The Uplift's upscale presentation instantly elevates the guest experience, and their inherently recognizable purpose evokes a sigh of relief!

"A study by the UK's Health Protection Agency in 2010 sampled cloths in 120 restaurants and found that 56% of the cloths contained unacceptable levels of bacteria. The most common were E coli, enterobacteriaceae, Staphylococcus aureus, and listeria.

This bacteria was then being spread to tabletops and transferred to customer utensils."

Problem Solved

Travertine Modern Flatware Rests
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