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Clear Acrylic Modern Flatware Rest

Clear Acrylic

Solid Brass Modern Flatware Rest

Solid Brass

Travertine Modern Flatware Rest

Solid Stone

Stainless Steel Modern Flatware Rest

Stainless Steel

COVID-19 Has Changed Everything

Globally, our approach to coming together, celebrating with food, and maintaining hygienic sanitation practices in hospitality will never be the same again.
In many ways ... it will be BETTER and SAFER going forward.
UPLIFT™ flatware rests are critical improvements to creating a safe dining experienceenhanced guest satisfaction, and upgraded interior design.
These elegant, intuitive, and HYGIENIC tableware accessories elevate the sanitation and sophistication level of place settings and add refinement to flatware arrangement. 
UPLIFTS improve etiquette, aesthetics, and guest experience from every conceivable angle.
Their genuine WOW-factor has diners INSTAGRAMMING them from every angle, too.
UPLIFTS look better.  UPLIFTS feel better.  UPLIFTS function better.
Stainless Steel Modern Flatware Rest

Stainless Steel

Travertine Modern Flatware Rest


Walnut Hardwood Modern Flatware Rest

Black Walnut

The fact is, none of us want to see our utensils touch a table's surface – whether there's a tablecloth on it or not
By having our cutlery showcased in a elevated and hygienic way, we experience a sense of calm
and a peace of mind as diners that we never realized before.

Feeling relaxed and well taken care of

Dining Elevated UPLIFTS literally take table setting to the NEXT LEVEL.  Luxury hospitality brands, event caterers, restaurant supply distributors, Top Chefs, and even home decor experts are standardizing the use of

cutlery rests industry-wide.  UPLIFTS redefine comfort, class, and cleanliness in an

effortless, modern, and memorable way.  

Stainless Steel Modern Flatware Rest

Stainless Steel

Copper Modern Flatware Rest

Solid Copper

Solid Brass Modern Flatware Rests

Solid Brass

Solid Aluminum Modern Flatware Rest

Solid Aluminum

With the likes of Conrad Hotels, the Waldorf Astoria, W Hotels, and Hard Rock properties leading the way ... 

this game-changing tableware accessory is elevating service, raising the bar on food safety,

and improving place setting design.

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