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W Hotels Invites the Uplift™ to Stay

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

W Hotels is the newest international hospitality brand to recognize the elegant form and function that Dining Elevated Uplifts add to the dining experience. Their selection of the 4" Rounded Solid Black Walnut flatware rests was surprising and fun. The wood is rich, sexy, and organic ... exactly what their clientele expects from the premium hotel brand.

Our hardwood cutlery rests are carved from the highest quality varieties used to craft cutting boards and butcher blocks. They are made to last and age gracefully over time. There's something about wood that adds warmth and an inviting touch to any table setting and serving arrangement. Similar to cheeseboards and thick, handmade salad bowls and serving tools, wooden table accessories feel as accessible as they feel luxurious.

The W Hotel in Washington D.C., literally only four blocks from our Uplift-loving friends the Voltaggio brothers at Estuary, will be the first W location in that city to roll out the upgraded place setting experience for their diners. Stop in and grab a bite if you're in the area. Tag Dining Elevated on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and we'll repost your pics!

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