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First Time in 16 Seasons, Top Chef Introduces New Product to Tables

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

From three amazing days on the set of Top Chef to sitting in my living room watching these products make their way to China, Dining Elevated's contribution to this industry-changing show couldn't make me any prouder.

It has been absolutely amazing to watch all season and see the Dining Elevated Uplifts enhance the look of Top Chef's tables as well as improve the judges' dining experience. In the clips compiled for you below, you'll see the 4" Buttercream Travertine Uplift used in the first outdoor scene. Using Uplifts for dining al fresco showcases the nearly ideal purpose that they offer: clean eating, no matter what may be on the table. Outdoor dining, as romantic and enjoyable as it is, always leaves room for the unexpected. Be it wind or drizzles or falling leaves or dust, Uplifts ensure that utensils stay elevated and sanitized. The style of Uplift that the producers chose for the white-washed wooden table accented the first setting perfectly.

In the second scene, you'll find the 4" Solid Brass Square Bar Uplifts under the judges' flatware. Looking almost like solid gold bars on the table, these Uplifts added a level of luxury and rich elegance to the last judging challenge before the final 5 headed off to Macau.

In the final scene, you can see the 4" Solid Copper Low Profile Uplifts organizing a fork, knife, spoon, and a set of chopsticks at each place setting. During filming in China last summer, the producers sent me pictures of chopstick / spoons rests that they came across as they made their way through the city. They were excited to see that other parts of the world made it a practice to elevate utensils. Now, we ALL have a way to make it a standard in the US, too! Explore our entire collection and find the style that's right for your restaurant or home today: All Products

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