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HOTELS Magazine Features Dining Elevated

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

Sometimes in life and business, you're lucky enough to come across an almost shockingly nice, caring person. Happily, I found that in Jeff Weinstein, Editor in Chief of HOTELS Magazine. Jeff and I met through professional circles, but as is true in most relationship building efforts, we found more value in chatting about our kids and families than spread sheets and marketing initiatives.

That said, Mr. Weinstein is the man in charge of a fantastic hospitality industry publication and has been for nearly 25 years. He is as informed as he is influential. And with that said, I couldn't be more honored or humbled to have had Jeff recognize the value of Dining Elevated flatware rests as an industry game-changer, immediately upon discovering them. Without hesitation, he requested that his team do a feature on the product in the upcoming November issue of HOTELS Magazine, which happens to have just come out yesterday! They chose to feature one of our Solid Travertine Uplifts in the Golden Chestnut color.

HOTELS Magazine provides a unique, insightful analysis of our ever-evolving hospitality industry, and I'm thrilled to share that Dining Elevated is counted amongst the movers and shakers. Thank you for seeing something special in us, Jeff! I hope you and the kids had a fantastic Halloween trick-or-treating adventure tonight!

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