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Levy Restaurants: Testing Uplifts for Stadium Catering Venues

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

Larry and Mark Levy started what is now known as Chicago's foodservice giant, Levy Restaurants, with a single delicatessen in 1978. Four years later, in 1982, the brothers went on to pioneer the concept of Sports Catering when Levy brought fine dining to national stadiums. Starting with the old Comiskey Park Stadium (then home of the Chicago White Sox). in 1985, they eventually expanded service to Wrigley Field, and the rest is history.

In 1989, Levy then became the first outside organization to create, own, and operate restaurants in Walt Disney World Resort. Swinging for the fences, Portobello in Downtown Walt Disney World, was their first restaurant outside of Chicago. In 2000, Levy partnered with Charlotte-based Compass Group North America, the leading food management company in the country, And because owning and managing countless unique dining brands and over 200 sports and entertainment venues wasn't enough, Levy created their own consulting firm in 2014 to help partner organizations achieve their highest potential.

To say that Levy has been a trendsetter in foodservice for the last 40 years would certainly be an understatement. So when the VP of Hospitality and Strategy asked to test Dining Elevated's Uplifts in catered stadium VIP suites, we felt like we'd been drafted into the major leagues! Going with heavy 16-gauge stainless steel triangles in 4" and 6" lengths – great for casual or upscale dining events and steak feasts – we simply can't wait to find out which style makes the team!

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