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Uplifts Donated to Food Allergy Community: Studies Show 32 Million Americans Affected

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

Two recently released large-scale studies of food allergy prevalence have resulted in an update of FARE’s frequently cited statistics that provide estimates on how many people are living with this potentially life-threatening condition.

These new numbers – 32 million Americans, more than double what we previously believed – reinforce that food allergy is a problem of epidemic proportions. Based on these nationally-representative data, the authors concluded that an estimated 10.8 percent of US adults have at least one current food allergy. That’s more than 26 million people age 18 or older, nearly three times the 9 million previously reported.

Extremely promising advancements in the treatment and prevention of life-threatening food allergy cases has very recently come to light. Near the end of 2019, the FDA approved a first-of-its-kind breakthrough drug for peanut allergies. Following the approach of micro-dosing – as a number of new products on the market have explored for babies encouraging early food introduction methods – the drug has the potential to restore quality of life for millions of children and adults.

Another approach to building foundational physiological resilience and boosting immunity in the fight against food allergies is the inclusion of turmeric / curcumin in one's diet. Turmeric has been proven to reduce inflammation (which is widely acknowledged to be the origin of nearly all physical disease) and even stave off allergy-related symptoms. Supporting the body in maintaining a stable, anti-inflammatory state of balance and wellness reduces the likelihood of cumulative, catastrophic reactions..

Progress in our understanding and treatment of allergy-specific conditions, in many ways, is thanks to the organization FARE – Food Allergy Research and Education. On December 3, 2018, the organization launched an inspiring campaign in an effort to transform how those without food allergies can partner with and care for those with food allergies. Focusing much of the effort on children and classrooms, I loved their fresh of approach of suggesting that we not see kiddos with food allergies as "problems to be fixed", but instead "assets to be gained".

Through community activation and prevention, so much can be done to lessen the burden on food allergy families and curtail the dangers of onset in the first place. The reason why this matters to Dining Elevated is because the food allergy community – 32 million strong – is a community who can benefit from the cross-contact mitigation that Uplifts afford. By providing Uplifts to these families, the danger of cross-contact between utensils and surfaces is greatly reduced. This is just as true at home as it is when dining out.

So when FARE launched the groundbreaking campaign at the end of last year, Dining Elevated was honored to donate thousands of wooden, acrylic, and marble Uplifts to hundreds families attending the luncheons and galas. It brings our team tremendous satisfaction to know that our passion for elevated dining can play a role in protecting families and creating "food allergy safety zones" for those who need them most.

To donate to the transformative "Contains: Courage™" 5-Year fundraising and awareness campaign, please click on this link: DONATE

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