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Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center at MSU to Use Uplifts on Tables

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

The State Room Restaurant at the Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center on the campus of Michigan State University has selected the 6" Solid Stainless Steel Low Profile Uplifts to adorn the place settings of their award winning dining venue. Having chosen from a sample selection including the Silver and Buttercream Travertine rests, the Aluminum Square and Acrylic Half-Round flatware rests, and the Solid Stainless Steel Square and 16 and 20 Gauge Triangle rests, and even the Natural Variation Beachwood options, the Stainless Steel Low Profile design won out.

Beachwood seemed like an unusual choice to throw in the mix of the otherwise grey and silver-toned pieces. However, as you can see in the picture below, the manager explained that the Beachwood flatware rests may have been a compliment to the unique driftwood art installed throughout their dining space. In the end, it was the sleek look of the low profile rests, though, paired with the zero-maintenance longevity of the stainless steel that swayed their decision.

The added excitement for us at Dining Elevated is that they chose the 6" versions of the Uplift. While many foodservice customers choose the shorter, 4" versions, it's great to see operators who find added value in a longer cutlery rest. Knowing that The State Room Restaurant menu showcases some spectacular steaks, perhaps this was a reason for needing the extra room. The 6" Uplifts are perfect for setting additional utensils, like steak knives or soup or dessert spoons, over the course of a meal. The added real estate offers an enhanced experience for customers.

Each time their server sets a utensil down on an Uplift, diners feel special. Uplifts are the ultimate reflection of a restaurant's attention to detail and hygienics. And customers never forget that. Thank you State Room Restaurant & Kellogg Conference Center for the opportunity to help you make the best possible impression on your dining guests!

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