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Our Best Selling UPLIFTS ... In Stock Right Now

We love exceeding our customer's expectations at Dining Elevated.  One way to accomplish this is by offering a stellar selection of our best-selling and most-versatile flatware rests IN STOCK and READY TO SHIP TODAY!  Below, you can find any number of UPLIFTS that will take your restaurant decor, catered event, or special in-home dining occasion to the next level, literally.  


As you may already know, we try to adhere to sustainable business practices at Dining Elevated.  Part of that mission includes minimizing excess stock and avoiding unnecessary product storage in big warehouses.  This is because warehouses make a large footprint on the earth and drain precious energy and material resources to keep them running.  So we often make our Uplift flatware rests just as you order them. While we pride ourselves on being pretty darn fast at that, it can still take a few weeks to get them from the factory to your dining table.  By offering this IN STOCK - BEST SELLER selection of our most-loved tableware accessories, we can get you what you need FAST while still doing our part to help the planet.  


And if you don't see the exaaaaact style that will elevate your luxury dining room set and show-stopping tablescape vision in the selection below, please check out the entire UPLIFT collection on our SHOP page.  Chances are, you may get those styles pretty fast, too, because exceeding expectations is kind of a way of life around here.  So go forth and SHOP, my friends!


Improve service. 

Protect your patrons. 

Elevate your brand. 

Be Instagram-worthy. 

And get UPLIFTS on your tables today!

For more dining table ideas and place setting inspiration, please check out our design GALLERY.

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